Dear host family,


I´m very excited yet about getting to know you, but firstly I want to introduce myself to you a bit, to make your decision easier...

My name is Hannah and I´m a 18-year-old girl from Neustadt/Wstr. in Germany. I live together with my parents Roland (47) and Anja (46) and my younger brother Jakob (12) in a small village near Neustadt, called Hambach. My father works as an engineer at BASF,  which is one of the biggest chemical companies in the world. My mother works as an elderly care nurse. Jakob, my brother is currently attending the 6th grade of secondary school. We are a pretty large family. I have 8 cousins, of which I am the eldest. Our cat Sissi loves to lie in bed all day long and sleep.


I would describe myself as reliable, caring, friendly, helpful and tolerant. I try to make the best of every situation. I like spending time with my friends and have fun with them, listening to music, go shopping and take photos. Photography is one of my biggest hobbies. I also like reading a good book and I love to sing, even though I can not sing. My friends are very important to me. I try to help them if they have problems and I´m always there for them. 

I´m currently doing an apprenticeship as a social assistent; this is the pre-training for the education as a kindergarten teacher. I will complete this apprenticeship before my aupair year will start. Before this apprenticeship Ive made a voluntary social year in a kindergarten.


The reason why I want to go to America as an aupair is because I want to gather valueable memories with a new family and get to know new friends. I would like to get to know the American way of life and different cultures. It would be great to improve my English skills and become more independent, self-confident and open-minded by spending an exciting year abroad. Primarily it´s of course the time I´m going to spend with the children and the experience of an eventful year with you and your kids. I couldn´t imagine a life without children. I love to see them smiling and their shining eyes on christmas, their enthusiasm if they learned something new and their imaginative idea of the world.


I gained experience with children mainly through my apprenticeship, because I´ve been practising in various nurseries. But even in my spare time I look after babies and children in different families.


I hope we can develop a good relationship and work and live together as a family. I´m looking forward to talking to you.



Yours sincerely,